man thinking about that post like

social justice warriors are sometimes the leeroy jenkins, they rush right in usually without buffs, without enough equipment, and probably in misguided and counterproductive ways but their hearts are usually in the right place so everyone who rushes in after them to try and back their asses up usually also gets wiped. refined warriors can usually manage aggro while tailoring their skills to fit the situation, but they gotta be careful.

social justice rangers (sup) occasionally have that One Post that resonated with a lot of people but most of the time they stand back and take potshots at easy targets. rangers are pretty good at getting to the point (if i do say so myself) but prefer to back up the party than to wander into the thick of the mob.

social justice paladins are righteous folks and they can take a lot of punishment, specifically baiting oppressive assholes to keep the attention off their more fragile party members. or they dash right in and start slugging away to draw aggro away from said fragile party members. damn, tanks are cool.

social justice monks are like the spiritual leaders, they’re versatile and wise. maybe a bit older than the usual demographic, they’re pretty zen, their blogs are usually about everyday things and they tend to have a lot of experience. they hold their own communities accountable but will wander into the fray, taking up whichever role needs to be taken.

social justice wizards are fucking cool. wide-reaching AoE and tons of damage, posts with like, tens of thousands of notes, they’re usually buffered against the backlash by tanks and backed up by the rangers. broad, widely-applicable statements suited for many circumstances. everyone wants to be their friend.

social justice rogues are those people who run fandom or hipster blogs who you never expect to give a shit about social justice but they follow a couple wizards and once in a while they’ll pop in, drop a bomb, and then flit away into the darkness. maybe they lose a couple followers, but man were they good at luring those fuckers into complacency. rogues are fuckin hilarious (and awesome) to see in action.

and social justice clerics are those absolute sweethearts who stay out of the line of fire but support and encourage the front line (as it were). whenever the tanks and DPS get worn down, the clerics drop in with a healing spell, maybe some HoTs and buffs. when they do draw the attention of mobs, they’re usually helpless because they’re TOO DAMN NICE and have far too much hope in humanity and just keep tryna cast healing spells on everyone. protect clerics at all costs.

At first I thought this was going to be terrible, then the rest happened.

Then you have me.

The Social Justice SPACE MARINE.


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