If you write an article about how the DSM is bad for removing the Aspergers because you’re not like Those Icky Autistic People then you’re a jerk.

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    I think self-care is a useful idea for functional reasons (“can this person take care of themselves given the kinds of...
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    I was just kept in basically this haircut until I was 12 or so, and started complaining too much—i.e., short enough that...
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    I agree (especially re: everything now being classified under ASD being mostly a good thing,) but I kind of just want to...
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    So THAT’S what it was. I didn’t feed myself or bathe myself or brush my own hair until I was at least 11. It was always...
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    Self care delay = not learning “basic” skills like dressing, tooth brushing, bathing, etc., by the age your peers seem...
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    you might have self-care delays if you’re 8 and your mom has to cut mats out of your hair with a safety razor [[MORE]]...
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    Things like being late to learn/never learned to: clean self, brush hair if applicable, brush teeth, possibly...
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    Yeah that’s more where I’m coming from. I’m more concerned with whether or not the dsm for austism will change to...
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    In my household, we just say I have Cats. Sorry, my Cats is acting up today. Can’t talk. Cats. But seriously… People I...
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